Don’t Engage with Singapore Business

Don’t Engage with Singapore Business

Why name, shame and shun Singapore?

The autocratic Singapore – both its businesses and ruling party  – has firmly stood on the side of Myanmar’s brutal rulers, whoever the victims of egregious human rights crimes.

Whether it was the military junta or the current coalition regime of Aung San Suu Kyi and general, over the last 30 years since Myanmar hit international headlines with its bloody crack-down of  the nationwide uprisings against General Ne Win’s military dictatorship, Singapore acts indifferent to human sufferings in its ASEAN backyard.

In exchange for investment opportunities and market-share, Singapore has offers Myanmar’s successive regimes multiple forms of support, aside from being one of the top-3 foreign investors:

1)      From the late Lee Kwan Yew down to his successor-son, Singapore offers strategic advice on improving Myanmar’s pariah status – as ex-General and former head of military intelligence Khin Nyunt publicly admitted on EXILED, Al Jazeera English documentary on Rohingya genocide; (there is a brilliant  admission to that fact by Khin Nyunt in the film –

2)      Singaporean banks help launder Myanmar’s narco-businessmen and corrupt generals and ex-generals and allow them to re-invest the latter’s ill-gotten gains in Singapore;

3)      As recently as this at the Singapore’s official investment forum, presided by the counrty’s Dy-Prime Minister in Aug/July the host Singaporean CEO openly express “indifference” to the genocide allegations worldwide and encourage other investors ( i have the official clip of this);

4)      Singapore’s health services serve to prolong the lives of Burma’s murderous military leaders, just as they had with the late Robert Mugabe; (

5)      Singaporean intelligence has provided Myanmar security agents training in cyber-monitoring of dissidents and rights defenders; (the latest mil-to-mil cooperation –  – tons more)

6)      Singapore’s businesses are known to have brokered or facilitated arms deals with Myanmar Armed Forces while Singapore’s Israel-assisted nascent arms industry uses Myanmar as a firing range to test their new weapons and film promotional ads for their weapons for the world’s markets   (Zarni interviews with top personal staff officers who deserted the armed forces & many other sources) and

7)      Singapore’s state-controlled media and diplomats provide Myanmar politicians such as Aung San Suu Kyi an open mic by which the Burmese engage in genocide-whitewashing, just as they did for Cambodia’s Pol Pot regime in the early 1980’s.   (see – )

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